Installing Mu on Linux

Mu is a simple code editor developed in Python for Python. Mu has built-in support for Adafruit Circuit Playground Express and the micro:bit. Mu runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and even the Raspberry Pi.

Each Linux distro is a bit different, so for this guide, I am going to focus on Ubuntu.

Mu requires Python3. You can check and see if you have Python3 installed by typing:

python3 --version

If nothing is displayed type:

sudo apt install python3

to install Python3.

You also need pip3 installed type:

pip3 --version

If it shows nothing you need to install pip3 by typing:

sudo apt install python3-pip

Finally to install Mu type:

pip3 install mu_editor

You can now run Mu from the command line by typing:


Now that you have Mu installed you can go and develop in Python3, Micro Python for micro:bit or even CircuitPython for the adafruit Circuit Playground Express.

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