Imagine being able to program a computer that you can pick up and put in your pocket?

No matter what age you are or how terrified you are of IT, RaspiKidd offers a service that will bring you up to speed in no time at all. You maybe wondering what a Raspberry Pi is? If like me, your mouth starts to watering, forget it. NO you can’t eat it. Its not a Raspberry pie 🙂

A Raspberry Pi is a small but powerful credit card sized computer that retails between £25-£35 and is manufactured within the UK.(see image above) This microcomputer really packs a punch! Not only does it link up with the outside world you can program it to do all sorts of cool things, for example robotics, program games such a MineCraft and impress your friends by using it to turn lights on and off, (see video below)

the list is endless! Not only that you will know your HDMI port – from your USB ports after participating in our short courses – Yes YOU will build this beauty from scratch and whats more, you will understand how it all works 🙂

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