#MonthOfMaking Day 3

March is all about MAKING!!

I have decided to take on the challenge of making a 5 minute micro:bit make everyday throughout March.

Day03 – Count Down Timer

Today I have decided to make a countdown timer.

The timer will count up to 20 when button A is pressed and the timer will start counting down from what ever number you chose between 1 and 20 when button B is pressed. Lets get coding!

Python Code

seconds = None
from microbit import *
seconds = 0
while True:
if button_a.is_pressed:
if seconds < 20:
            seconds += 1
        if button_b.is_pressed:
            for i in range (seconds):
                seconds -= 1

EduBlocks Code

EduBlocks code

MakeCode Code



Final Words

Come back Tomorrow for another fun 5 minute micro:bit make

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